Marilyn’s artwork has been featured in a number of magazines and publications.

Press Democrat

Marilyn Sommer was profiled in the Press Democrat, the regional newspaper for Sonoma Country. Read the full article. Originally published in the April 3, 2009.

BLT Living Magazine

Marilyn was commissioned by Chef Laurent Tourondel to do the artwork for BLT Market. This write up in BLT Magazine explains how Marilyn’s process and artwork compliments the food. Read the full article.


Jeff Cox – Food Critic

“The interior is bright and cheerful, due in large measure to local artist Marilyn Sommer’s loose and luscious paintings of tables laden with dishes and food.”Jeff Cox (restaurant review of Cucina Paradiso – Los Angeles, CA)

Margrit Mondavi, Robert Mondavi Winery

One of Marilyn Sommer’s works is on the new wine label “I’m Rose Cabernet Sauvignon” being released by Michael and Isabel Mondavi’s winery, Folio Winemakers.

“Marilyn’s paintings explode with vibrancy and luminosity and texture.”

-Margrit Mondavi, Robert Mondavi Winery

Franklin Gallery, Santa Rosa, CA

“Marilyn’s paintings are delightful. The color play and quick strokes of her paint bring an energetic vibrancy to both her landscapes and still lifes. The adept combination of line and color gives her paintings a feeling of airiness and light. Her use of slightly skewed perspectives is reminiscent of Henri Matisse. There is a cheery atmosphere in all of Marilyn’s work that uplifts the spirit.”Franklin Gallery, Santa Rosa, CA

Laurie Stoelting, Author

Marilyn Sommer’s paintings make people happy. It’s that simple, they make a room. They are a love affair with color, perspective, composition, especially with color. They set a mood. Hanging several of Sommer’s pieces ups the ante. The room has energy. Good art elevates the viewer, and in this, it needs to be seen. Every gallery that displays this artwork provides a service. People deserve to immerse themselves in pleasure. Laurie Stoelting, author of “Light on the Mountain: Mt. Tamalpais, a Poet’s View”